The demolition issues that can arise on a property development are legion, and you need someone to manage those risks. You might be a silent partner, looking for experienced partner who can drive the project. Property development is a complicated process which needs professional support.

What could go wrong with your demolition?

There are plenty of variables during strategy and target market setting, and hundreds more during design and construction. Each variable can unravel into a key issue that affects, time, cost, quality or other risks. We have observed projects all over the world and by our estimates:

  • Around 30% of developments finish late
  • Of those, nearly 20% don’t finish at all
  • Projects over 2 years in duration are nearly double the risk!

Take on a professional partner with extensive project experience. We scrutinse and manage project operations from beginning to end, until the development is successfully completed.

Looking for sites to acquire ?

The largest property developers look at 50–100 sites before scrutinising a few against specific criteria. That’s a lot of legwork that we can help with.

Trust and communication

Property developments are long term ventures and our dynamics need to suit a long term relationship. Open communication is key. We deliver meticulous service, hard work and robust answers to tough questions.

Financial, legal and tax issues

Model feasibility around revenue/cost forecasts, risk allocation and a typical legal framework and tax outlook. Together we can discuss suitable cooperation pre or post land acquisition to improve financial flexibility, borrowing capacity and portfolio growth.